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  1. Hong Wrong Blog has a history of cutting edge coverage. They make no exceptions here, with superb pictures telling the story of the start of Occupy Central.

    Tom Gundy’s twitter is also one of the best English language feeds on recent events. https://twitter.com/tomgrundy  

  2. This is the blog posting of a colleague and his experience at the protest yesterday.

  3. Hong Kong: Prefigurative Politics and the Student Boycott

    It has been a truly remarkable week watching the student boycott of classes gather momentum and truly embody a Hong Kong wide political movement. It is above all, as a an academic and a Hong Kong citizen, moving to see the calm and considered way in which the students approached this process. 

    From the very beginning our students informed us of their plans and asked for feedback about the consequences of their participation. Our students also asked for suggestions on readings and activities they could participate in as student anthropologists.

    What they have shown Hong Kong people and indeed the world at large is that they are most worthy of self determination. Their peaceful protest has been eye-catching because of the way in which it has demonstrated their ethic of respect and co-operation. Students are cleaning up protest areas, providing medical care, looking after and out for one another.

    Their actions ‘prefigure’ the type of Hong Kong they want. One founded on respect and dignity.

    The South China Morning Post recently carried the report that former law maker Margaret Ng Ngoi-yee came out to support the protest and said,

    "The fundamental thing for democracy is participation and responsibility, which they are showing. How can people say that Hong Kong is not ready? How you deny democracy to people like this?,"

    Whilst I continue to teach to ever dwindling class numbers there is a special atmosphere at University far away from the large protests. I have not got anywhere near the protests other than the ones on campus. But I have heard many accounts from people who were there yesterday and those that were going today. I bumped into one student in the stairwell who was heading off to the central district. “I am going by supplies for the protesters he said.”

  4. Occupy Central has now been termed Umbrella Revolution. A selection of images on twitter show how the umbrella has become iconic in the last 24 hours.

  5. As Tear Gas is Released on Protesters - World Media Covers Occupy Central

  6. bloombergphotos:

    New Era of Civil Disobedience                              

    Anti-government activists gather during a protest in Hong Kong, China, late Saturday and in the early morning hours of Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014. 

    Pro-democracy protesters kick-started an occupation of central Hong Kong after students clashed with the city’s police, prompting thousands of people to take to the streets in support. 

    China said last month that candidates for the 2017 leadership election must be vetted by a committee, angering pro-democracy campaigners who say the group is packed with business executives and lawmakers who favor Beijing. 

    Read more from the report by Bloomberg News

    Photographer: Lam Yik Fei/Bloomberg     

    © 2014 Bloomberg Finance LP

  7. Occupy Central Begins.

    As the week of student protest comes to a close, the clashes with police at Government HQ kickstart the Occupy Central protest.

    The SCMP has live coverage and updates, also check out 


    See more on 


    BBC http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-29397738

    Also pepper spray and student protesters


  8. The full manual for disobedience can be found here.

  9. The changing style of Nike Skateboard Commercials (Golf)

    There is a great article in adbusters from a few years ago about how Nike won over the skateboard community. It makes reference to early attempts to advertise in skateboard magazines. I include below one of the early Nike TV commercials which takes the innovative rage, “what if all athletes were treated like skateboarders?”. You will note that the advert has almost no skateboarding in it at all, and also no known, or professional skateboarders. Fast forward to 2014 with Nike’s now powerful role in skateboarding shoe manufacture, sponsorship, and media production. We see the renewed theme of skateboarding and golf. But now we also have iconic skateboarders Paul Rodriguez and Lance Mountain. The message is somewhat different in these new commercials, skateboarding is not a game. Note the emphasis on game, not sport.

    Nike 1998

    It is now actually pretty difficult to find much information on this campaign as it was widely received negatively by skateboarding and was met with a big campaign by consolidated skateboards "Don’t Do It"

    Nike 2014

    And back from 1989 Ban This when Nike had no interest in skateboarding we see the Bones Brigade making jest of golf in their own way. Again with Lance Mountain, and also Tony Hawk, Ray Underhill and Steve Saiz. So Nike has not done anything new in this regard. Yet when you watch this final video the commentary sounds far too much like Street League. See for yourself.


  10. Drew University is holding a conference in January of 2015 with a component focussed specifically on skateboard culture. They have a call for paper proposals that closes in November. Check it out and spread the word.