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  1. On Morning Brew at Noon today

    This morning I will be speaking to Phil Whelan on RTHK3 Morning Brew about my Hajj talk for the Hong Kong Anthropological Society on Wednesay. We will discuss the pilgrimage to Mecca, how Hajj is organised from Hong Kong, and modern changes and challenges to the pilgrimage.

  2. Appearing on RTHK3 tomorrow - 5/9/12

    This Wednesday around 11am I will be a guest on the Morning Brew radio show with Phil Whelan. We shall be talking about my new book, Muslims in Hong Kong, Racism, Religion, and Ethnic Minorities .

    Check out RTHK3 and listen online. 

  3. Interview on RTHK Morning Brew 08/11/11

    Tomorrow I will be doing a brief interview on RTHK 3’s ‘Morning Brew’ radio show. I will be talking about my upcoming talk at Hong Kong Anthropological Society, and also my book.

    Listen out for it at around 11am.